SCHMETZ Long Arm Needles

SCHMETZ SERV 7 needles are specifically designed for multidirectional sewing (same as SAN type needles). While the scarf is not modified, the rest of the needle is geometrically different from a regular industrial needle. SERV 7 needles have reinforced blades and feature more material on top of the eye for better loop forming. While these are all round shank needles, they are NOT interchangeable. These are the three (3) most popular/common needles used in long arm quilting machines. Available in a 10 needle chip.

SCHMETZ SERV 7 Features:

The hump scarf (raised collar between the eye and scarf) produces a larger needle thread loop which can easily be picked up by the hook. The conical reinforcement of the blade increases needle stability and prevents needle deflection.

SCHMETZ SERV 7 Advantages:
  • Effective prevention of skipped stitches.
  • Extremely high needle stability prevents needle deflection.
  • Less needle breakage.
  • Compared to a standard needle, a smaller needle size is possible without loss of stability.
  • Precise stitches and neat seam appearance.
  • High productivity.
  • Reduced wear on machine parts (hook, needle plate, etc.) leading to reduced costs.

Needle Cross Reference List:

  • 135x17 cross referenced as SY 3355, DPx17
  • 135x5 cross referenced as 134, 134(R), 135x7, SY 1955, DPx7
  • 16x231 cross referenced as DBx1, 16x257, 287 WH, 1733(A)

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