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Sewing Machine Needles Don’t Last Forever!!!

By | 12/29/2021

    The needle is not a permanent machine part. Needles get dull from use. Needles are meant to be changed.   Clues to Changing the Needle – Shredding or broken threads – – Skipped stitches – – Puckered or damaged fabrics – – Wiggly squiggly seams – – Popping, clicking or clunking sound –    

Recycle,Restyle,Refashion – Part 1 – Michelle Paganini

By | 07/28/2021

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #47, November 2017. Written by Rita Farro.)   http://www.dictionary.com For generations, women who sew have been recycling. They start with one thing and, with their sewing skills and imagination — a transformation results into a completely different thing. Patchwork quilting began because frugal women couldn’t afford to waste any bit of… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic

By | 11/04/2020

Nobody is weathering the pandemic storm better than people that sew. We know how to make the best of situations. We certainly stepped up to serve our families & communities with masks. In addition to making masks, our own Rhonda Pierce, SCHMETZ Spokesperson, was inspired to finish UFO’s (unfinished objects) that seasoned up to 17 years. On SCHMETZneedles… Read More »