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Stitches in Words

By | 05/12/2021

(Originally published in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #87, March 2021. Written by Rita Farro.)   If you love to sew, you will never be bored. For many of us, sewing kept us sane during this past year of fear and isolation. It gave us a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Kudos to us for using our considerable skills… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Gail Yellen

By | 02/10/2021

After a February serger workshop for the Sarasota, FL ASG Chapter, the whole country shut down. Like thousands of sewists around the world, I made masks (between 150–200). My husband and I did a quilt themed jigsaw puzzle. Then I decided it was time to get back to work. I did a couple of new YouTube Serger Tip… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Angela Wolf

By | 02/03/2021

Being home for the past few months has been a huge lifestyle change; going from traveling every other week for events to working out of my studio and staying home. Ironically, I have come to cherish this time. Not traveling has allowed so much more time, time to write music and play the piano again (although I really… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Cathy Wiggins

By | 01/27/2021

Though the stay-at-home order has been detrimental to a small business like mine with the cancellation of teaching gigs and the loss of revenue from shows and classes, it has been a true blessing for my creative soul. For almost a year, I’ve had signed contracts for two new books, but no time to work on them due… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Annie Unrein

By | 01/20/2021

In late March, Utah authorities encouraged everyone to work from home, if possible, and told all high-risk individuals (including those over 60, me!) to “avoid contact with any other person.” Having watched as my daughter-in-law’s family in Spain dealt with hospitalizations and deaths, I was definitely ready to self-isolate. I was also confident that I would be SO… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Deanna Springer

By | 01/13/2021

Beginning in early March, here at NZP (Nancy Zieman Productions) in Wisconsin, our office went on lock-down to visitors and we implemented no-contact deliveries. We began ramping up cleaning commonly touched surfaces–including every rotary cutter, ruler, marking pen, and sewing notion in our sewing room and studio. Our team meetings moved from the conference room to our large… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Pat Sloan

By | 01/06/2021

On March 1st, I started doing daily Quilt Challenge videos and I created a project calendar for everyone. It’s been wonderful to have a focus on our quilting each day and super fun to see everyone participating. I also have been involved in several collaborations doing trunk shows and the most recent is a group of us did… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Heidi Proffetty

By | 12/30/2020

When our world came to a screeching halt, I naively thought this can’t go on for long. So I decided to tackle a few of those dreaded projects from my To-Do list. We’ve lived in our house for 22 plus years and you can imagine the STUFF we’ve accumulated. So this became my quiet mission for more than… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Pati Palmer

By | 12/23/2020

My COVID experience was a bit unusual. Paul and I went to Mexico in early March. My daughter, Melissa Watson, asked if she and her husband could get out of NYC and stay in our Portland condo while we were gone. Of course! We wanted them to be safe. After a month, our resort closed and we flew… Read More »

Coping with the Pandemic – Mary Mulari

By | 12/16/2020

After Rhonda Pierce described this Life Shift as a “gift of time,” I thought about one thing I like to do when I have free time. It used to be on a long plane flight when I’d take out a note-card or two to write to a friend or family member. Now I have TIME to write to… Read More »