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What are the Differences Between Stretch and Jersey Needles?

By | 11/10/2021

• The eye of the Stretch needle is shorter and narrower. • The scarf of the Stretch needle is deeper. • Both features help prevent skipped stitches. • Stretch and Jersey needles have a medium ballpoint. Rule of Thumb Use Stretch needles on stretchy fabrics especially those with elastic, Lycra®, Spandex. Use Jersey needles on knits. Sometimes, but… Read More »

SCHMETZ Serger Needles

By | 10/13/2021

Consult your owner’s manual!  Many new sergers use home sewing needle system 130/705 H (flat shank with a scarf). SCHMETZ Stretch, Jersey, Topstitch, and Universal are popular needle choices. Some older sergers use needle systems BLX1 and DCX1. SCHMETZ Overlock Needles ELx705, ELx705CF, and ELx705CF SUK are popular serger needle systems. Check your owner’s manual! Here’s how these… Read More »