Coping with the Pandemic – Rob Appell

By | 11/18/2020

I know folks are really suffering out there, but my life has been blessed beyond belief the past few months. Although, at first, when we were told here in California, that we would be sheltering in place for about thirty days, I did panic.

My travel schedule for April and May was booked solid with live trunk shows all over the USA. Overnight, everything was postponed. I was heartbroken and overwhelmed.

But, soon I realized I had everything I needed within reach. My wife and two teenagers were also home, and we would all be together. I am the Sales Manager for Michael Miller Fabrics, so I have a job I can do from home, (that comes with fabric as a perk). I have my YouTube studio in my house. And I have all new machines, Thanks to JUKI!

When I get nervous, I make stuff. I needed to process my emotions, so I made a lot of stuff! And I filmed everything. Because I was in one place long enough to focus, it became a truly creative journey.

Challenged to create something for the Virtual Quilt Market and School House, I made a short film highlighting the Michael Miller Basic fabrics that I love to use. My folks live in the country next door to a vineyard. I went there and set up all the fabrics just right and waited for the light. I spent about two and half days filming outside, in the garden, at a Farmers Market (wearing a mask, of course) at sunset and sunrise, and it really came together in the end. I had the best time, working creatively outside with my quilts, cameras, and my family.

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3 thoughts on “Coping with the Pandemic – Rob Appell

  1. Phyllis Hite

    Just watched you on TV making this beautiful, colorful quilt. Would like to get the pattern. Maybe it was episode #14 but not sure (part of the quilt was tumbling block. How do we get the pattern?

  2. Mary Hall Patrone

    Hey Rob,

    Beautiful and inspiring work as usual. Looking forward to taking another class with you in the furture!


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