Coping with the Pandemic – Angela Wolf

By | 02/03/2021

Angela WolfBeing home for the past few months has been a huge lifestyle change; going from traveling every other week for events to working out of my studio and staying home. Ironically, I have come to cherish this time. Not traveling has allowed so much more time, time to write music and play the piano again (although I really wish I had the thing tuned before the quarantine). I gave a try at cooking, but I think I will leave that to Winn for now!

Thanks to today’s technology, I was able to continue working, hosting daily live Facebook and YouTube shows and virtual classes to stay connected with friends and fans. Although the reason for the quarantine is a tragedy, the time I was able to spend with my husband, enjoying coffee in the morning, dinner at home, and walks in the evening will be forever cherished.

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One thought on “Coping with the Pandemic – Angela Wolf

  1. Melody Kona

    So thankful to be a member of the best sewing group ever, the “Wolfpack”. I have so enjoyed seeing Angela weekly in her Fashion Sewing Club, and will always be thankful that Angela shares her wealth of knowledge with us and encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and explore the world of hacking patterns..
    Thank you for spot lighting her


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